Press Kit

Most of the background information useful to members of the press is available on this Web site. The home page contains a quick overview of John's professional focus, while the consulting page describes his specialties in greater detail. The workshops and blog pages provide an in-depth look at present-day activities and the history behind them. The bio page presents a basic overview of John's career and has a link to his resume. This provides most of the background material needed by news writers.

Additional support included on this page are a pair of smaller biographies, access to press releases as they occur, and download links for various sizes of head shots.

Smaller Biographies

Short bio: This is suitable for inclusion in workshop and seminar program materials, following a specific course description:

John Zoltai specializes in translating complex technical concepts into understandable layman's terms as well as presenting business and regulatory concepts in terms familiar to information technology (IT) practitioners. As an expert in information systems implementation and management, John provides consulting, litigation support, and training services for non-IT managers and executives. As the author of the Shell Method software engineering methodology template, John provides training and mentoring in auditable processes for development teams and software project managers.

Tiny bio: This is suitable for workshop and seminar programs as well as news articles and usually accompanies John's photo:

John Zoltai is an expert in information systems implementation and management. Based in Los Alamos, NM, John provides consulting and training to non-IT managers and executives as well as software development teams.

Press Releases

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Head Shots

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