New Year, new site (1/2/2004)

Well, it's a new year, I've got a couple of research projects I've been meaning to get off the ground, and a bunch of people wondering what happened to me after I collected their names at the last 4D Summit.

So I took a look at the old home page, intending to insert a couple of project links. After I was through gagging, I remembered that I had slapped that site together in about an hour to satisfy a specific need when I shut down, and it looked like what it was. I had not been back to it since.

So, it's time to rebuild the old web site. Took about two days, because I wanted to put together a decent, professional theme for the site as well as incorporate a weblog to handle the bulk of the content. So this is what I can do in two days. In the spirit of true software development, I built the site with a sketch of a site map and about two hours worth of link testing before posting the files on the web. Since this is a "low risk" development effort (errors don't hurt anything but my reputation), this informal approach is OK. If I were developing a site for someone else, the picture would be different.