Backing and filling (6/12/2006)

Man, oh man. The more you do, the more you gotta do. Things (like blog entries) are starting to fall through the cracks as I stay busy-busy-busy implementing Shell Method at a Very Large Organization, helping managers and developers with their various projects, changing the direction of the research for my doctoral dissertation, and writing my first "real" book (more on that later). So I sat down and did some serious thinking.

One of the reasons I had not been posting regularly to my blogs was that I had two different blogs. One for Shell Method, and one for me. Whenever I came up with time to do something, I couldn't decide which way to go and wound up doing nothing. This is not optimal, so I decided to do some backing and filling.

As of today, the Shell Method blog links point to my personal blog site. I've copied across the Shell Method articles to this blog and closed down the other one. Now I've got just one blog to manage. No more excuses!